Animal Control

The enforcement of the Town's animal control bylaws is now run through the Town office.

To report an animal control incident or problem, please call the Town office 749-6681 and leave a message including your name, phone number, and a brief description of your problem.

In the recent past the Town has had some incidences relating to aggressive dogs, and has regrettably had to have a few of these dogs put down. It is a person's right to own a dog, but with that ownership comes a responsibility to properly contain and control that dog so that there is no chance it will injure, maim or kill someone. The Town is now taking a hard-line stance on violent and aggressive dogs, and will not tolerate irresponsible owners of such dogs.

The Town has also contracted out the operation of the Municipal Pound. The pound is currently run by the Coastal Animal Services, located at 2202 Herd Road, Duncan. The phone number is 250-748-3395.

If you have a non-urgent issue or suggestion you can send an email to: