Since 1996 the Town of Lake Cowichan has been proactive in partnering with both private and public funding agencies to strategically improve and protect Town owned and operated lands and facilities to provide for a healthier community and to increase visitors to our area.

These community driven projects are intended to showcase our public lands, facilities and heritage by way of improving attractions and walking trails. They will add greatly to the long term vision of a sustainable and green community.

Lakeview Public Beach and Waterfront Walkway

Everyone is welcome to enjoy a stroll on the longest floating walkway on any Vancouver Island Lake, which is located at Lakeview Public Beach. The floating walkway and forest trail can be accessed by driving to the public parking area of Lakeview Park only a couple of minutes from Town, or by walking through Point Ideal and following the signs to the pathway connecting to the shoreline and sandy beach. Picnic tables are available for your enjoyment as well as a picnic shelter and benches on the floating walkway offer an opportunity to sit and relax or fish for your supper.

Most of the improvements to the Public Beach and Campground have been made possible through a successful partnership with Human Resources Development Canada under the umbrella of a Job Creation Program. The Supervisor and participants involved with these projects are Lake Cowichan residents.

The environmental biologist for this area who works on projects with the Centre, points out that the walkway acts as a breakwater to protect the foreshore and enhances aquatic life. It is well agreed, that projects that protect the foreshore of Lake Cowichan, and provide public access to the lake, are huge resources.