Application Forms

A list of commonly requested forms related to the Town are available in PDF format and requires Adobe Acrobat:

6-May-13 Address Changes - Taxes or Utilities
19-July-17 Building Permit
10-Sept-02 Development/Variance Permit
20-May-15 Email Contact List for Residents
19-Apr-13 Board of Variance Application
27-Oct-09 Business Licence Application
06-May-13 Construct Works within Highway Right-of-Way
25-April-13 Delegation Status Request Form
25-April-13 Fire Fighter Application
7-May-13 Forest Workers' Memorial Brick Form
26-July-12 Grant-in-Aid Guidelines and Application
25-Nov-11 Heritage/Sports Wall of Fame Form
15-Dec-09 Municipal Records Request Form
04-Apr-16 Ohtaki Delegation Homestay Profile Form
23-Feb-09 Ohtaki Supervisor Application
24-Feb-09 Ohtaki Student Application
4-Apr-16 Park Use and Public Space Permit
24-Sept-11 Plumbing Inspection Authorization Form
7-May-13 Public Works Permit
23-Sept-15 Refuse/Organics - Service Change
26-July-17 Residential Low Flush Toilet Rebate
25-Oct-10 Sign Installation Application
1-Apr-16 Subdivision Application - Preliminary Approval
1-Apr-16 Subdivision Application - Final Approval
8-Aug-11 Zoning/OCP Amendment