Public Works and Engineering Services

The department is managed by Nagi Rizk, P. Eng., the Superintendent, Public Works and Engineering Services. It encompasses both the Water and Sewer Utilities as well as Parks Maintenance, Roadworks, and Garbage Collection.

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2018 Garbage Calendar

Recycling List

Organics and Garbage Curbside Collection Program

Watering Restrictions - Stage 1 Now in Effect

Stage 1 in effect as of
May 1st, 2018

Watering restrictions in effect from May 1 st through October 31 st

Stage 1 and Stage 2 watering times are
7:00 am – 9 am or 7:00 pm – 9 pm

Stage 1: Watering 2 hours maximum on odd or even days

Stage 2: EVEN numbered houses:
Watering 2 hours maximum on Wednesdays & Saturdays only.

ODD numbered Houses:
Watering 2 hours maximum on Thursdays and Sundays only.

Stage 3: Hand watering / Micro or drip irrigation
Permitted only for trees, shrubs and gardens.

Please check this website during the summer months to see if Stage 2 or Stage 3 restrictions are in effect.

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